David ben Avraham & Shlomo Pilo

Mountaintop Above the Teomot Complex

Nachal Kippa?

Yam HaMelach and the Judean Wilderness

Teomot Cave Complex

Qumran Cave

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Juglet of Congealed Oil Unearthed at Teomot

The Teomot Cave Complex also known as the Cave of the Column - Qumran 1970

Dr. Oren Gutfeld - Hebrew University

Exploring Tunnel #2 in Hyrcania

Dr. Uri Basson - GeoSense

At the Excavation of Cave 53/Q12

Shlomi Pilo at Shilo

Dr. Uri Basson, Dr Oren Gutfeld and Shlomi Pilo at Tunnel #1 in Hyrcania


Mystery of the Man-Made Tunnels


Excavations in the Judean Desert

Wilderness & the.....