The Judean wilderness and the area of Qumran in particular, have yielded many interesting archaeological discoveries over the last 70 years. The most famous of these was the Dead Sea Scrolls. The area is rich in biblical history and will likely provide even more discoveries in the years ahead.

Some of the more exciting possibilities include items from the Temple in Jerusalem secured just before its destruction by the Babylonians. Five scribes recorded where everything had been hidden. Other documents enumerate what was hidden and the general location where these things can be found.

Professionals in various fields, scholars at universities in Israel and other noted authorities are interested in Qumran. Some are aware of the documents mentioned above and what may be hidden in its caves and tunnels.

A report with additional information will be made available in the near future. It will provide more detailed information from the above sources and an explanation of why Qumran is still important today. If you are interested in helping to promote excavations in this area, please contact us.

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