Scheduled on or about January, 2020

The next round of excavations is on schedule for November and one of the goals will be to return to the site we explored last year to finish where we left off. You can see the objective in the picture below. The tunnels and several other caves will proceed immediately after.

Below: a geophysical survey of the area in front of the cave of the pillar

and the third fracture line showing a potential opening or cavity

Below: a photo and rendering of the above survey depicted from another angle

showing the visible cave(s) in relation to the possible cavity to the right:

The area is significant because column six, lines one through six of the copper scroll indicate that a “pitcher" (kalal - spelled kuf, lamed, lamed) is buried three cubits below the surface in a north opening at the cave of the column. The next line says that another sefer/book/scroll will also be found there, along with 42 talents underneath. It will only take a few days to excavate this specific location to see if there is a scroll hidden in the cavity/opening, after which, we will shift our attention to the tunnel in the wilderness to the south.

Below: photo of column six, lines one through six, in both Hebrew and English


and the Mystery of the Judean Man-Made Tunnels

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