Projects Planned for the Period of October 2018 to May 2019


1) Return to the North Opening at Teomot for Remote Sensing with Ground Penetrating Radar

2) Remote Sensing Project on the Plateau at Qumran National Park

3) Remote Sensing of (Man-Made) Tunnels I and II in the Desert Wilderness of Judaea.

4) Excavation of Cave 29 in Cooperation with Prof. Marchello Fidanzio

5) Excavation at Qumran National Park Resulting from the Remote Sensing Data


The above list represents a few of the projects that QCP is sponsoring. If you would like to become a partner or can help us fund one or more of these projects, or you just want to participate in an excavation, please contact us.


                                                          The Teomot Cave Complex: 1967

Projects Pending